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You never know what a church lady is going to say—until you ask.

Church ladies have been portrayed on late night television, sit-coms, afternoon talk shows, soap operas, and any number of full length movies and popular plays. There are exceptions, but more often than not, the church lady is coming through the screen or popping up in the pages of a novel as someone to be laughed at and avoided. Church ladies are bossy, judgmental, hypocritical or just plain weird. Right?

Wrong! Not these ladies.

The stories in this book are true. The women who wrote them are real. They laugh, cry, make mistakes, and are some of the best people you’ll ever meet. They might be found in a kitchen, at the store, in the workplace or just about anywhere. On Sunday mornings, if they aren’t teaching in a children’s classroom, you can find them in a pew.

If you’ve never swapped a story with a church lady, this book is a good place to start. You might even find a bit of yourself on these pages.

Real Life Real Ladies

Goliath’s Mountain can’t be found on a map, but it is a very real place.

This poignant and genuine memoir tells of anguish, turmoil and tragedy without leaving the reader heavyhearted. This is more than a love story.

“I’ve noticed how the best fairy tales balance struggle with hope. The struggle must be difficult enough for hope to be nearly invisible, and the ending must be appealing enough for even the most hopeless. That’s where I found myself on the day Aimee was born—balancing the greatest struggle of my life with hope for the happiest ever-after possible. Goliath would be relentless, but I knew, deep down, that God is faithful. My life was so much better than a fairy tale.” (Excerpt from Chapter 25)

This book is particularly helpful to single mothers and women who feel abandoned after a spouse’s suicide.

Goliath’s Mountain